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Янни Хрисомаллис (Yanni Hrisomallis) — музыкант, работающий в стиле нью-эйдж под псевдонимом Yanni. Родился 14 ноября 1954 года в городе Каламата (Греция).

1984 Optimystique
1986 Keys to Imagination
1987 Out of Silence
1988 Chameleon Days
1989 Niki Nana
1990 Reflections of Passion
1991 In Celebration of Life
1992 Dare to Dream
1993 In My Time
2000 If I Could Tell You
2003 Ethnicity
2009 Yanni Voices and Yanni Voces (Spanish Version)

1996 Yanni One On One
1996 Yanni Voices: Live From The Forum In Acapulco

Live albums/videography:
1994 Yanni Live at the Acropolis
1995 Yanni Live at Royal Albert Hall
1996 Yanni One on One
1997 Tribute
2006 Yanni Live! The Concert Event
2009 Yanni Voices

1988 Steal the Sky
1988 Heart of Midnight
1989 I Love You Perfect
1990 She’ll Take Romance
1990 When You Remember Me
1990 Children of the Bride
1994 Hua qi Shao Lin

1992 Romantic Moments, BMG
1997 Devotion (The Best of Yanni), Private Music
1997 Port of mystery
1997 In The Mirror, Private Music
1997 Someday
1999 The Private Years, Private Music
1999 Love Songs, RCA Victor
1999 Winter Light
2000 Snowfall
2000 The Very Best of Yanni (2000-10), Windham Hill Records, RCA Victor
2003 Ultimate Yanni

Other credits:
1988 A Thousand Summers (A John Tesh recording in which Yanni was credited as a performer.)
1997 Pure Moods
1999 John Tesh and Friends

Concert tours:
1987: Out of Silence
1988: Chameleon Days
1990: Reflections of Passion
1991: Revolution in Sound
1992: Dare to Dream
1993: Yanni Live, The Symphony Concerts 1993
1994: Yanni Live, The Symphony Concerts 1994
1995: Yanni Live, The Symphony Concerts 1995
1997: Tribute
2003–4: Ethnicity
2004–5: Yanni Live!
2008–9: Yanni Voices

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