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Робин является лидером и одним из пяти членов-основателей Teen Titans.


Внешность [ ]

Робин всегда показан только в своем костюме, который состоит из зелёного трико с черными сапогами с стальными пластинами на носках, зелёной рубашке с короткими рукавами надетой под красный бронежилет с нарисованной буквой «R» на груди, жёлтым ремнем с ячейками и черного плаща с жёлтой внутренней частью. Он всегда имеет черно-белую маску домино, его черные волосы зачесаны назад, кожа среднего тона и атлетическое телосложение. Когда он показан как ученик Слейда, он носит черный комбинезон с броней на ногах, коленях, предплечьях и плечах. Верхняя часть его костюма разделена на черные и оранжевые стороны, также он носит пепельно-серый пояс.

180px Robin Trouble in Tokyo costume

Robin in «Trouble in Tokyo».

In the Season 3 episode «Revolution» Mad Mod drains Robin’s youth which makes Robin a frail old man and him young again. As an old man, Robin is so weak he can’t even walk, he also seems to be very thin and his arms and legs are like bones. Robin is thin everywhere on his body except for his stomach where he seems to have grown a potbelly. While the young Robin wears his hair spiked backwards, the old and frail Robin has white hair which seems to be slicked back.

When Robin is Nightwing, he has long hair which almost touches his shoulders, he also doesn’t spike his hair anymore. He also has a more muscular build and has grown much taller, his costume is a black jumpsuit with steel bracelets and a utility belt, he also still wears his steel toed boots. Nightwing’s costume also has a symbol of a bird like a hawk, on his torso and it is a dark shade of blue. The bird on his costume also seems to be spreading its wings out as if it is flying.

Личность [ ]

Robin is a natural-born leader. In the DC comics and other incarnations, Robin is even toned and playful despite some outbursts of rage, such as when he learns of his parents’ killer and when he eventually stops working as Batman’s sidekick (a situation that is mentioned in a roundabout way in the episode Go! ). However, in this series, Robin is closer to Batman; serious, stern, strict and obsessed with hunting down criminals, which is most prominently displayed in the first season.

Out of all the villains the team has faced, the one that is most hated is Slade. Robin will stop at nothing to defeat Slade. Robin insists that the two are nothing alike, despite Slade’s claims to the contrary. Several encounters with him have lead dangerously close to causing rifts between Robin and his friends. Robin must put aside his fixation on Slade and put more trust in his teammates if he wishes to resolve the threat. Another flaw Robin has is he is competitive and still a bit immature but, despite his struggles, Robin has time and again proven to be a great leader. He cares for all of his friends deeply, and will fight to the finish to defend them. As for Starfire it it shown that Robin really cares about her and it is obvious to the others and a few of the villians (such as Control Freak) that Robin really likes her more than a friend but he never admitted his feelings to her till the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo.

История [ ]

До Teen Titans [ ]

200px Batman

Iconic image of Robin performing his oath before Batman while receiving his suit.

Before he could go to the police, Batman appears to him and warned him that the two gangsters worked for Tony Zucco, a very powerful crime boss, and that revealing his knowledge could lead to his death. He was adopted by Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed by Zucco and became Robin. Together, Batman (Bruce) and he disrupted Zucco’s extortion rackets and gambling rackets and then successfully baited the riled Zucco into visiting a construction sight where they captured him. Through the years of working with the Dark Knight as his sidekick to fight crime in Gotham he was greatly trained mentally and physically that in ways no other child was. For reasons undisclosed in the show, but the actual reason being that after being shot Batman tried to take Robin out of the field, Robin thought he was being treated like a kid and was about to give up being a hero with Batman (calling it “ Kid Stuff”). Robin eventually left Batman and moved to another city (though it is known to still be close to Gotham) to continue fighting crime, though this time he intended to go solo. He was 17 when he left Batman.

Присоединение к Teen Titans [ ]

Robin met up with Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven when Starfire came to Earth and started destroying the city. After a brief yet fierce confrontation where even the Boy Wonder appeared to meet his match, Robin helped Starfire get free from her chains. She then kissed him to learn English. Robin and the others teamed up to find her and later fought the aliens who came to find and imprison Starfire. Shortly after defeating them, Robin gave the others communicators and later created the Teen Titans and became the leader. [1]

Первый сезон [ ]

Robin was at the Titan Tower. He had a discussion with Starfire about lightspeed travel. After finding out the their refrigerator was filled with blue and furry food, Robin went with the other Titans to a pizza parlor. When he and his teammates went outside, they stumbled across three H.I.V.E. Academy students.

Robin fought alongside his teammates and managed to put up a good fight, before a hole began to open in the midst of the battle. The hole’s size was massive and Robin accidentally fell in. After his teammates regrouped, they discovered that Robin was missing.

Robin was able to obtain the name of «Slade» during his interrogation of Gizmo. Having no idea who this «Slade» was, Robin was anxious to find out. After defeating the H.I.V.E Academy students and retaking the Titan Tower, Robin stayed concerned about the identity of Slade.

Robin tried to talk to her until Blackfire dragged him off. After Starfire was captured by alien probes, Robin went after her with the other Teen Titans and Blackfire. After Starfire was saved and Blackfire destroyed the alien probes, Robin watched as Cyborg offered her a spot on the team and as Starfire gave up her position and left.

Luckily, Robin convinced her to stay before Starfire was attacked by the alien probes for the third time. After wondering what they might want, the alien probes revealed they were looking for a Tamaranean thief. Robin believed they most have been talking about Blackfire, who then tried to leave the planet. He watched as Starfire fought her sister and watched as the Centauri police captured Blackfire.

Robin fought Cinderblock with the rest of his teammates. He used a maneuver called «The Sonic Boom» alongside Cyborg to stop Cinderblock from escaping. However, when their plan failed Robin started to argue with Cyborg. Robin watched as Cyborg quitted the team due to his jealousy and anger towards Robin always making orders and rules for him and his teammates to follow.

At first, Robin did not care at all about Cyborg leaving. However, after having to perform some of Cyborg’s chores he started to regret the argument the two had and to top it all of, he had no one to play video games with. Robin watched as Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire became saddened over his leaving of the team as well. However, Robin knew he could not allow his team to fall apart over the leaving of a single member and tried to maintain a grip on everyone.

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Later, he went to confront Plasmus at a waste plant. He and the other Teen Titans attacked him, but watched as he separated into smaller pieces. As Robin heard of Cinderblock attacking another city, he insisted his teammates go fight Cinderblock while he held off Plasmus. After his teammates chose to stay and were consumed by Plasmus, Robin almost fell in a tub of acid before being saved by Cyborg. The two fought alongside each other and defeated Plasmus. Robin welcomed Cyborg back to the team.


Robin in the Red X suit.

Второй сезон [ ]

Robin begins to get competitive in a fierce card game with the Titans. Suddenly, Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg are transported to a tournament with other male heroes, leaving Starfire and Raven wondering where they have gone. Robin competes in a game where he has to battle the other competitors. Haven beaten everyone, Robin learns the Master of Games is just using the tournament in order to capture and steal the abilities of the heroes. Robin manages to free his friends and together, they defeat the Master of Games.

Terra takes advantage of this and finishes off Robin. Luckily, Robin had survived, and regrouped with the other Titans underground, who proved to only sustain minor injuries. The Titans resurfaced and attacked Terra without mercy, catching her off guard and making them gain the upper hand. Terra asked Slade for help and he sent Plasmus, Overload, and Cinderblock (and fused them into one creature) to fight the Titans in her place while she would return to Slade’s secret base. As soon as she arrived, he reprimanded Terra for not winning in her fight with the Titans and physically abused her via Terra’s suit (which had been fitted with a device that allowed Slade to control her actions) to teach her a lesson. Beast Boy left the Titans to look for Terra and when he arrived at Slade’s headquarters, Slade attacked him through Terra. Just as she was about to destroy him, Robin and the other Titans arrived and pleaded to her to not kill Beast Boy and to break free of Slade’s control. Terra finally realized her mistakes and she fought against Slade but in all her fury, she awakened a dormant volcano. She knocked him into the molten lava and sent the evil mastermind to his doom. The Titans told her that they had to get out of the city as fast as they could before the volcano destroyed it, but Terra said she’s the only one who can stop it and sacrificed herself to save Jump City by tapping into the volcano’s lava flow. But, as a consequence of this action, she was turned to stone, becoming one with the earth itself.

Третий сезон [ ]

In the third season of the show Red X returns, and this time it’s not Robin in the suit. Instead of wanting to cause chaos and destroy the city, this Red X only wants Xenothium (a chemical that powers his suit) and to be «number one». Robin takes the blame on himself and goes out to stop X personally. Eventually he is brought back to the lair

180px Oldrobin

An aged and decrepit Robin as Mad Mod’s prisoner.

of a new villain, Professor Chang, and aids Robin with defeating him and freeing the rest of the Titans, though he doesn’t take himself as an ally and escapes.

Robin’s obsessive personality get the better of him, as a mask trapped with some special dust make him see, hear and feel Slade, his old arch-enemy (who was supposedly killed by Terra a the end of season two). Thought the others keep telling him that Slade isn’t real, he won’t listen and fight a imaginary Slade to his nearly death. While the Titans are worry that he might be going crazy, Raven enters Robin’s mind (seeing the death of The Flying Graysons and Robin performing his oath before Batman), creating a bond between them, and see that, in his head, Slade is real. [2]

Luckily, Robin managed to understand that what he’s seeing is just a powerful illusion just in time to get out of it alive. In the episode Revolution, Robin and the Titans celebrate the fourth of July but it gets interrupted when Mad Mod takes over the city and turns it into England. While trying to stop Mad Mod, Robin is separated from the Titans and Mad Mod uses his high tech cane to drain Robin of his youth force. Mad Mod becomes young again (as he is the episode where he first appears but that was an illusion) while Robin is turned into a frail old man not strong enough to even walk. He is then held as Mod’s prisoner. Eventually Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg had a strategy and Beast Boy stole Mad Mod’s cane giving it to Robin. Robin then uses it to reverse it’s aging effects turning him back to normal and Mod back to an old man. Robin destroys the high tech cane by snapping it in half, this turns the city which Mad Mod made England, back into what it used to be, Jump City.

Четвертый сезон [ ]

Пятый сезон [ ]

Будущее [ ]

180px Robin as nightwing

Nightwing: Robin’s future self.

Отношения [ ]

Робин и Старфайр [ ]

247px Images 9

Starfire and Robin hugging.

Starfire is Robin’s «love interest» throughout the series. His feelings are clear in his jealous moments; Starfire is very pretty and boys often flirt with her, which infuriates Robin to no end. It is also seen throughout the series Robin is always at the side of Starfire. [8] [9] [10]

In Betrothed Robin is heartbroken when he finds out Starfire had an arranged marriage, especially to a prince she had never met. Before the ceremony, Robin scales the castle walls in order to reach the balcony to try to find Starfire and convince her not to go through with the marriage. In the end, it was Robin who crashed Starfire’s wedding, informing her it was a set-up. Starfire’s last words of the episode were «. I shall choose my own husband. Who is to know? Perhaps there is a groom for me on Earth». Then she continues to walk back to their ship side-by-side with Robin, a clear foreshadowing of the future. [11]

In Stranded Robin gets both annoyed and embarrassed at the teasing from the others when Cyborg says that Starfire is his girlfriend and accidently hurts Starfire by proclaiming, she is not his girlfriend. Misunderstanding, she takes it to mean she is not his friend at all, and her emotions become so troubled, her powers stop working. Shortly afterwards, the two fall off crumbling cliffs on an isolated planet and Robin saves Starfire when she reveals that she can’t fly. They end up stuck in a cave where they begin to talk about how they felt for each other, during which Robin goes so far as to admit that he thinks that «it’s awesome the way [she] shoots starbolts» and that «it’s cool that [she’s] brave and the strongest girl ever». Starfire then asks him if he minds having a friend who is a girl. It is assumed that he is about to say that he likes it before they are interrupted by a vicious alien monster. It is only after Robin takes her hand admits that «as long as [they’re] together, it’ll be okay» that Starfire is once again able to use her powers again. After the monster has fallen down, Starfire flies with Robin towards the ground and the two share a heartwarming hug. [13]

In the future Night Wing (Robin in the future) is seen to be protective and a bit more romantic. He also developed a nickname for her which was princess. When Starfire was leaving they shared one last romantic moment holding hands before she left to her time.


Robin and Starfire’s first real kiss.

Робин и Рейвен [ ]

180px 148

Raven hugging Robin in the aftermath of Trigon’s defeat.

Робин и Рейвен (Каркающая Вислоухая) have a very good friendship and respect each other

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. Robin and Raven have a mental bond together which allows Robin to know when Raven is troubled such as the world ending. They have a close friendship due to similar personalities and instincts. Robin was also able to give Raven enough hope and courage for her to defeat Trigon, and he told Raven that she was the most hopeful person he knew. It is obvious Robin cares a lot about Raven, as he willingly traveled into a literal «Hell» created by Trigon in order to save her. The two seemed to get along well from the beginning. When they first met, Raven told Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg: «If you knew what I really am, you wouldn’t want me around.» Robin responded by saying «I know enough», implying that he didn’t care what Raven was or if she was different and knew that she wasn’t evil or bad.

Робин и Коборг [ ]

180px Cyborg%26Robin

An example of Cyborg and Robin’s friendship

It is obvious that Cyborg ‘s laid-back nature and Robin’s serious demeanor sometimes clash on missions. Cyborg doesn’t like people telling him what to do and is often annoyed by Robin’s leadership position.

200px What

Cyborg and Robin arguing

In «Titans East», Cyborg says he is staying with the Titans East because he «finally has a team of his own, he is finally a man now,» suggesting that he coveted Robin’s leadership position. Cyborg has clashed with Robin on a few occasions which resulted in Cyborg quitting the Teen Titans more than once. Despite their differences, they are close friends with a mildly competitive relationship. They even invented a move together called the Sonic Boom.

It is revealed that Cyborg is Robin’s second-in-command.

Робин и Бист Бой [ ]

180px Hinata sad

Robin and Beast Boy are quite different and the two have clashing personalities. While Beast Boy is free-spirited, carefree, and doesn’t exhibit much intellectual strength, Robin is very focused, smart and serious. Despite their different personalities though, the comics have portrayed both of them as having very similar pasts, even if they both have a mutual ignorance of this fact.

The two are good friends, though Robin thinks that Beast Boy’s jokes are lame though like the others (with the exception of Starfire). Robin angrily pushes Beast Boy to reveal to them what had transpired when Raven was hurt, demanding he «remember», lest be handed over to the police. [15] This shows an expanding part of their relationship as they both become seriously angry with each other, leading to Beast Boy finally letting go of his childhood admiration of Robin, as was displayed when they first formed the team at a younger age. This does not mean to say that Beast Boy lost his respect for Robin. The admiration simply became replaced with respect and the feeling of equality. [16]

Robin also respects Beast Boy and believes him to be an integral part of the team. In the fifth season, he learns about Beast Boy’s extraordinary leadership skills. This highlights the fact that despite their different personalities, the have similar leadership capabilities and a knack at connecting with people, most notably team mates. When Beast Boy was upset about Terra leaving the Titans Tower without saying good bye Robin was the one to comfort him.

Робин и Терра [ ]

180px TT terra and robin

Terra making an awkward introduction

Робин и Слейд [ ]

246px Robin and Slade23bq5

Slade mistreats his apprentice

Способности и черты [ ]

Intimidation: It is known that Robin has the ability to instill fear in others, even the people that know him best can be intimidated by him.

Master Acrobat: Excellent in gymnastics and acrobatics.

Peak Human Conditioning: Through intense training, Robin represents the pinnacle of human physical ability. His physical characteristics are greater than that of even an Olympic level athlete. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, durability, senses and coordination are at peak human perfection as possible for one of his age, to improve even further with continued physical and mental growth.

Robin engages in intense regular rigorous exercise (including aerobics, weight lifting, gymnastics, and simulated combat) to keep himself in peak condition, and has often defeated opponents whose size, strength, or other powers are much higher than his own. He has spent his entire life in pursuit of physical perfection and has attained it through constant intensive training and determination, to the point that, in Apprentice Part 2, he is able to take on all of his teammates at once and beat them (this is particularly significant as he is not trying to hurt them.)

Martial Arts Master: Robin is one of the finest human combatants on Earth, his skills honed to such a level even superhumans and armed adversaries can be overpowered by them. He has mastered several different martial arts styles from across the world, learned from the Dark Knight and the True Master. He even learned some alien martial arts from Blackfire in » Sisters «.

Master of Stealth: Robin, despite the bright colors he wears, is a master at stealth, capable of breaching high security facilities with ease, without being detected.

Expert Marksman: Robin almost never misses a target with his various weapons.

Master Detective: Robin is an expert detective and logical thinker, able to solve cases before anyone else.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Robin comes up with excellent strategic plans to expose and defeat criminals, always aiming to «work smarter, not harder.»

Escapologist: Robin is shown to be able to escape even the most elaborate of traps.

Tracking: Robin is shown to be able to pick up a criminal’s trail long after any given crime.

Master of Disguise: Robin’s Red X disguise fooled even the Teen Titans.

Expert Thief: Robin has shown that he’s quick well at playing the role of a thief, as he had shown when he went around as Red X and when he had swiped X’s belt in «X»

Expert Mechanic and Vehicle Driver: Excellent at motorcycle driving. Robin was also responsible for the creation of the high-tech Red X suit, capable of defeating multiple superhumans with ease, and he and Cyborg developed the T-Communicators. He has also used the Tower’s own technology proficiently, including its computer and his own laptop.

Транспорт [ ]

Robin usually uses his R-Cycle in pursuits and for short-distance travelling (first seen in «Date With Destiny» chasing after Fang on a one-man pursuit). Robin also used a Glider which is built into a modified version of his costume; he uses this along with his R-Cycle to pick up speed and then jumps off to glide or (with flight thrusters built into the boots) achieve full flight capability. It can be noted that, multiple times throughout the series, Robin is carried by Starfire over short distances.

Оружие [ ]

In addition, Robin wears a utility belt, which gives him access to a wide array of additional tools and weapons, including:

It is later revealed in the comics that Robin’s weapon arsenal had expanded as he became Nightwing. This is most obvious in his preferred choice of two metal Escrima sticks. In Fractured his birdarang looked like a red batarang instead,

Identity [ ]

Unlike most other superhero television series, the Teen Titans characters maintain their superhero identities at all times. Although the series hints at the concept of an alter ego or secret identity it rarely explores it. The Titans have even been seen sleeping in their costumes.

Some fans have debated which Robin leads the Teen Titans. His trousers and steel bo-staff weapon are usually associated with Tim Drake’s appearance when he first became Robin in the comics in 1989. Previous Robins like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd had worn shorts and relied mainly on fists.

Teen Titans Go! #47 revealed that Robin’s secret identity is in fact Dick Grayson, and this is strongly implied many times throughout the animated series:



Robin Richard Grayson


Общая информация



Род занятий

Готэм Сити (ранее)Джамп Сити (на данный момент)

О персонаже


Red XNightwingSassypantsАвогодоКапитан КанклРоб (прозвище)Дик Могильный каменьМальчик чудоThe Teen WonderThe Deadly DandyLil ‘DimplesQueen Bee RobinMr ButtDude (псевдоним)Bro (псевдоним)Дядя (от Starfire )



Beast BoyCyborgRavenSilkieBeat Box (маленький приятель)Birdarang (маленький приятель)Super Robin (маленький приятель)Universe Staff (маленький приятель)Titans East (иногда)Scott MenvilleWonder Girl (любовный интерес)Atom


Слейд (заклятый враг)Генерал ИммортусГизмо (соперник)Мамонт (соперник)See-More (соперник)Билли Многочисленный (соперник)Джинкс (соперник)Аквалад (временный соперник)Кид Флэш (соперник)Спиди (соперник)TrigonTerraKiller MothCinderblockDoctor СветлыйБратУрод Контроль КровиМать Мэй-ГлазПамела Лилиан Исли / Ядовитый ПлющБратство ЗлаТони ЗуккоБлэкфайр.

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В сериале

Первое появление



Биография [ ]

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%D0%92%D0%BE%D1%82 %D0%BE%D0%BD

%D0%A0%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%BD %D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%BE%D0%B4

Робин из 70-х с Бэтменом

%D0%A0%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%BD 70

Робин в 80-х, похож на Робина из 70-х, только лишён укладки.

%D0%A0%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%BD %D1%81%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B8%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B5%D1%82

Робин собирает команду.

%D0%A1%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B9 %D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%BD


Найтвинг и семейная фотография.

Личность [ ]

Намереваясь никогда больше не терять свою команду, Робин с тех пор правил Титанами железным кулаком, наказывая любую нелояльность или лень, которую он видит.

«Юные Титаны Вперед против Юных Титанов» В его разуме содержатся много личностей Робина, которые физически тренируются, готовятся, дерутся. Любая бы хотела такую, как он.

«Юные Титаны Вперед! В кино!» Продюсер, (Слейд) по имени Джейд Уилсон, видимо нравится Робин, за его талант и способности.

Джейд Уилсон, впечатлившись «Настоящим Супергероем» Робином, снимают кино о нем. За исключением Титанов. Далее сцена переходит на то, как сперва Робину делают грим(макияж) на лицо, заменяют его детские ручки на накладные руки, и удачно фотографируют его на фоне классных экранов. Дальше создают афишу его фильма. «Robin the Movie». Робин улыбается. Позже, нам показывают его сильное тело и и остальные спецэффекты на фоне тёмного города. На самой верхней здании. На следующей сцене мы видим, как через компьютер сканируют его «Сексуальную задницу». В песне он говорил, чтобы зрители представили его задницу в 3Д. К большому приколу, об этом даже появились мемы по просторам Интернета. Это многим нравится.

Внешность [ ]

Робин — подросток не высокого роста, хотя выше Рейвен и Бист Боя. Одет в красную «рубашку» с зелёными рукавами, штаны того же цвета, перчатки. На лицо надета маска. Имеет серую, возможно, металлическую обувь, в которую встроен огнетушитель, верхняя часть ботинка состоит из чёрного материала. Рубашка украшена двумя прямоугольниками жёлтого цвета посередине и знаком Робина. На талию надет жёлтый пояс с гаджетами. Также волосы чёрного цвета и уложены с помощью геля назад. Кожа Робина слегка бледноватая, а глаза голубые, слегка лапоухий, Робин имеет схожий со Старфаер овал лица или форму, только у неё более узкий лоб и выдающиеся скулы. Весьма физически подтянут. Еще многие шутки крутятся вокруг его задницы, такие как: Тряска, восхищение, аплодисменты.

Его прямоугольная эмблема на левой груди теперь стала круглой,

Волосы теперь гладкие и тёмные,

Его глаза в серии: «Охота за яйцами» Слегка черноватые с небольшими бусинками. Круглые «размером глаза», с чёрными ресницами. Видимо, Робин выбрал маску под размером своих глаз. Это можно посмотреть в конце этого эпизода.

Его ноги похудели. В серии: «Бержерак» 5 сезона на протяжении всего сериала уделялось внимание его накаченным и сочным ногам Робина.

Голос стал более высоким и приятным в английском дубляже.

Проблемы с лицом [ ]

В серии Driver`s Ed у Робина видны глаза-точки, и явно не очень хорошее зрение. Стоит учесть, что плохое зрение сказывается на реакции и ловкости человека, которые по идее у Робина на высоте. В серии The Mask видно, что лицо лидера без маски совсем другое, более большой правый глаз с ресницами (из серии Sandwich Thief ), а в серии Beast Boy’s St. Patrick’s Day Luck, and It’s Bad у него появляется голубая радужная оболочка, а в образе лепрекона рыжая борода и волосы. Левого глаза у него нет, вместо него там живёт брат-близнец-паразит. В серии Scary Figure Dance привидение Робина хоть и имеет маску, но всё же видны глаза, оба глаза стоит заметить. Так же в серии «Рождественские крестоносцы» и в «Охота за яйцами» были показаны еще дважды, крупным планом.

Проблемы с руками [ ]

В серии Baby Hands показывает свои «детские руки», выглядящие, как у годовалого ребёнка, несмотря на это, в других эпизодах они нормального размера, кроме как в эпизоде Arms Race with Legs

Способности [ ]

Обладает не очень специфическими способностями и как видно в серии Super Robin из-за этого сильно уступает в «скорости борьбы» своим товарищам.

Психические способности Физические способности Владение снаряжением Некоторые способности Временные

Пожалуй самое наиболее позиционируемое его качество.

Один из основных видов борьбы Робина.

Хорошо управляет самолётом, мотоциклом и автомобилем

Именно Робин сидит за рулём самолёта Титанов. И как видно в серии Driver`s Ed он мастер вождения, а в серии Starfire the Terrible лидер Титанов проявляет себя, как отличный мотоциклист. И конечно такие способности не назовёшь эпизодическими.

Также проявляет себя, как танцор.

В серии Mouth Hole Робин учится свистеть и делает это на ура. В результате это могло бы стать его суперспособностью, поскольку свист его действительно способен наносить вред, но неожиданный конец серии отрезает эту возможность.

Робин часто показывает себя, как химик, инженер, физик и так далее.

Высокая ловкость и сила

Конечно он уступает в силе Старфаер с её космическим происхождением, но относительно людей он довольно физически подготовлен.

Владение посохом и птицемерангами

Практически основной «кадык» атак Робина состоит в его посохе, который поистине универсален и взрывных птицемерангов.

Иногда появляется в образе хорошего пианиста.

Суперсила, Ледяное дыхание, Полёт, Суперскорость, Лазерный взгляд и Телекинез

Также владеет суперсилой в серии Dog Hand.

Иммунитет к контролю

В серии Real Magic проявляет себя, как фокусник.

Мастер приготовления сендвичей

Трансформация в животных

В серии Animals, It’s Just a Word! из-за крови Бист Боя получил способность трансфорсмироваться в животных, и всё же через некоторое время способности «ушли».

Иногда появляется в образе мастера-детектива.

Запас дымовых шашек

Может неожиданно появляться и исчезать с помощью дымовых шашек.

В серии Puppets, Whaaaaat? видно, что Робин хорошо оперирует куклами.

В серии Beast Boy’s St. Patrick’s Day Luck, and It’s Bad Робин проявляет себя, как мастера в бою с лепреконами, поскольку сам и является им.

Отношения [ ]

Бист Бой [ ]

Рейвен [ ]

Робин считает Рейвен «саркастической старшей сестрой». Сама Рейвен несколько раз утверждает, что лидера ненавидит больше остальных в команде. Несмотря на это, в сериях Uncle Jokes и Hose Water видно, что полудемонша и лидер Титанов хорошо понимают шутки друг друга, в отличие, от остальных, что заметно в первой вышеперечисленной серии. Робин проявляет некое возмущение хладнокровностью Рейвен, тем не менее во второй половине 2-3 сезоне часто мрачная подруга неожиданно скатывается до уровня более жизнерадостных друзей. И в серии Some of Their Parts проявляет восхищение агрессивностью её красной части. Несмотря на это, в серии Real Magic Рейвен упрекает Робина за «ненастоящую магию» и благодаря наказанию бога магии понимает, что это не так уж и плохо. В общем они являются членами команды с самым высоким уровнем «занудности» и интеллекта, но несмотря на это Рейвен ненавидит Робина

Киборг [ ]

Отношения Киборга и Бист Боя к Робину схожи, но всё же он лучше относиться к лидеру команды. Подобно Зверомальчику, полу-робот является частью их мужского трио, хоть и издевательства зелёного друга над сабжем часто сочитаются помощью Киборга в насмешке ( Uncle Jokes ). Несмотря на это, в серии Gorilla он помогает Робину вернуть звание альфы. Киборг относиться к лидеру Титанов, как к младшему брату, а иногда бывает и наоборот. В серии Power Moves Киборг и Робин оказываются неплохой командой.

Блэкфаер [ ]

Восточные Титаны [ ]

Отношения Робина к Восточным Титанам хорошее, за исключением его конкурента Спиди. Тяжело утверждать про взаимоотношения потому, что команда во главе с Бамблби играет в основном роль заднего плана (если собираются вместе), хотя отдельные персонажи, а именно Аквалад, Мас, Менос и Спиди являются ключевыми персонажами нескольких серий. Несмотря на конфликт его друга с повелителем моря, Робин положительно относиться к Гарту, во всяком случае, не отрицательно, тоже самое можно сказать про Маса и Меноса, хотя в серии Mas y Menos последний из них слегка не нравится Робину, что и послужило позже катастрофе, остановленной Титанами. В серии Yearbook Madness просит Восточных собратьев подписать его альбом, но. только не Спиди.

Команда Робинов [ ]

Бэтмен [ ]

Альтернативные и родственные персонажи [ ]

Красный Икс [ ]

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В серии In and Out Робин меняет костюм, чтобы втереться в доверие к Хайв 5, чтобы уничтожить реактор космической станции. Образ Красного Икса позаимствован из оригинального сериала Teen Titans, где Робин использует его для схожей цели.

Найтвинг [ ]


Найтвинг и семейная фотография.

В серии Sandwich Thief появляется, как холостяк, укравший сендвич, который сделал много лет назад, но тот оказался слишком совершенен и убежал.

Также появляется в эпизоде Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice Робин становится Найтвингом, в которого влюбляется Старфаер, казалось это начало карьеры нового героя и конец Титанов, но не даром серия посвящена первому апрелю и в конце команда признаётся в розыгрыше.

Робин в сознании Рейвен [ ]

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В серии Crazy Day появляется, как последнее препятствие в сознании Рейвен к её отцу Тригону, собственно сам создан им. Здесь Робин говорит, что является последним в сознании потому, что полудемонша ненавидит его больше всех.


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